Star Interior Designer Nisha Jamvwal on Latest Industry Trends

Star Interior Designer Nisha Jamvwal on Latest Industry Trends

Nisha Jamvwal is well known as a Star Interior Designer or Architect. Yet, this glamorous long-legged belle dons myriad hats РFashion Designer, Art Consultant, Columnist, and Craft Activist Рall with equal ease and élan

presents an exclusive interview of Interior Designer Nisha Jamvwal and unearths her secret to such a great phenomenal success.

I have tons of energy and am always impatient to do many things – I don’t know any other way. My mind and life are fed with art and history, architecture and words. I am an aesthete, a lover of the arts, and work with all media that allow me to dabble in design and art.

I almost cannot see a space or fabric or canvas without my mind and vision clicking with ideas to enhance it to its aesthetic function in accordance with my vision. Sometimes there is an upsurge of ideas; I find it difficult to keep pace with my mind.

As a professional interior architect I chose to work with all arms of design and art. I created and spearheaded the brand ‘Nisha JamVwal’ in Interior Architecture and Interior Design, and diversified into fashion. I also modelled selectively, compeered shows on stage & Television, and done a few vignettes in Bollywood for a lark. I cramp my day with delightful projects and enjoy this tight rope walk through time.

I am a prolific writer and have columns in magazines and newspaper, have written books on Art, Craft & Sculpture. My articles were at first  mostly about Interiors and later I was asked to comment and write about style and trends in Fashion, film, personalities and travel. It is true I do multitask and I have to say its most exciting.


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